Marvelous Marlowe (and the rosettes)!

Sounds like the name of a band . . . but no, it’s the latest pattern from Little Lizard King!  I had the opportunity to test Marlowe and I really can’t say enough how much I adore this pattern.


Marlowe is unique in a couple of ways.  First, she features beautiful lines with a V-shaped bodice that crosses over in the back.  Next, there are no closures!  What?  No closures?  This is amazing right?  No extra time to make button holes or install zippers or fuss with elastic casings.  Marlowe goes easily on and off over the head.


My favorite feature of this great pattern is the beautiful lines of the bodice which are easily highlighted by a favorite trim . . . or in this case a few rosettes.  I just couldn’t commit to a trim so I added some removable and exchangeable rosettes to the bodice.

Here is how I easily added rosettes to the bodice!  First, I had to find some that complimented this gorgeous Art Gallery Chalk Paint fabric.  I ended up finding these in the hair accessory section at Walmart.  I had to tear them off the clips but I thought they were the perfect match for our Marlowe!

Next, I cut out three small round pieces of Velcro.  Like this!IMG_5032-1

Then I sewed glued one side of the Velcro to each rosette with hot glue and sewed the other side of the Velcro to the dress like this . . .

And Viola!  A bodice accent that draws attention to one of the best features of this top/dress and can be easily exchanged!


If you’d like to pick up your copy of Marlowe you can do so here!

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