Little Lizard King Ruchie Sew-Along Day 4

Welcome back to day 4 of our Ruchie sew-along. Today we’re going to tackle the romper shorts, optional peplum or skirt. By now you’ve decided which option to tackle today. I’m going to divide the tutorial from this point into two different sections depending upon which option you’ve chosen. Let’s get started!

Peplum or Skirt Construction

Go ahead and grab the skirt or peplum pieces that we cut out on day 1. Place the two skirt/peplum pieces right sides together.


Sew to attach on the short sides creating a continuous loop. Finish both of those seams by serging or using a zigzag stitch.


Hem the bottom of the skirt/peplum piece by turning the bottom edge up toward the wrong side by ¼ inch. Press. Now, turn that bottom edge up again another ¼ inch to completely enclose the hem and press again. Topstitch around the hem.


Romper Shorts Construction

Grab the romper shorts pieces that you cut out on day 1. Find the mark on the romper shorts pattern piece and transfer the marking over to each shorts piece.   Once you’ve transferred the mark, make a crease by pressing to create a crease.

The crease is going to be our guide for adding elastic or ruching to the romper shorts!

If shirring: Make sure the bobbin is loaded with elastic thread. On the right side of the shorts, starting ½ inch from the top and ending 1 inch from the bottom of the shorts piece, sew a line of stitching 1/8 inch from the crease on either side. You will need to backstitch to secure your stitches at the top and bottom. Once you’ve created both lines of stitching turn your iron on steam and steam it well. Repeat for both romper shorts pieces.

If using elastic: Grab the ¼ inch elastic and cut it ½ the length of the romper shorts. Using the crease you created before as a guide, place the elastic ½ inch from the top. Use a long zig zag stich to sew the elastic to the wrong side of the shorts following the crease line and stopping 1 inch from the bottom of the shorts piece. Secure the elastic by backstitching. Repeat for both romper shorts pieces.

Now, place the romper shorts right sides together. Sew to attach on both the curved edges (shaped like a J). Serge or zigzag to finish those seams.


Reposition the shorts so that the J shaped seam lines you just created run down the center from and center back of the shorts. Match both inseams right sides together and sew. Again, serge or zig zag to finish the seam.


Now we’re going to create elastic casings on the legs of the romper shorts. Turn the bottom edge of the romper shorts leg opening in by ¼ inch and press. Fold that edge in again 3/8 inch to create the casing. Topstitch around the casing but be sure to leave an opening large enough to insert the elastic, usually about an inch.

Use a safety pin or bodkin to insert the ¼ inch elastic. Overlap the elastic by ½ inch and sew the ends together stitching back and forth several times to secure.   Now, sew the casing shut. Repeat for the other side.

RuchieSALday4Pic6 copy.jpg

That’s it for day 4. We’re getting so close! I’ll see you back tomorrow to add trims and put it all together!


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